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ArtworxTO Hub EAST | Scarborough Town Centre - PAST EXHIBITION

STC is well known for its deep connections to creative communities, arts, culture, and for its representation of the people of Scarborough. The Spoken Soul Collective's Paulina O'Kieffe-Anthony, Dwayne Morgan, and Randell Adjei, continue to write this story through their curated exhibition Scarborough: The Backbone. This exhibition showcases the wealth of talent in Toronto in fun and engaging ways while creating opportunities for the public to get in on the action. 

Stay tuned for workshops, programs and performances with hub partners Scarborough Arts. 

Experience this Hub

  • Exhibition

    A year-long exhibition curated by The Spoken Soul Collective. Visit the exhibition during opening hours to attend live events.

  • Partnership Programming

    Programming partners have created events, projects, and experiences throughout the year.

  • What's On: Events & Art

    There’s always something to check out at this hub! See all events and artworks on right now.

Hub Info


This hub was located at 300 Borough Dr, Scarborough, ON M1P 4P5 View event location on Google Maps


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Scarborough: The Backbone

Curator: The Spoken Soul Collective

Scarborough: The Backbone creates a dynamic and exciting celebration of the arts, through a creative and community focused approach.

Exhibition Details

What's On: Artworks & Events

Programming Partners

Programming Partners are local artists, collectives, community organizations and Local Arts Service Organizations who have brought community-centred projects and programs to the ArtworxTO Hubs.

Scarborough Arts

Scarborough Arts is partnering with the City of Toronto, Curtia Wright, #EatMoreScarboro's Howard Tam, The Urban Geographer, Tamil Archive Project, 7th Generation Image Makers, and Driftscape to bring local food, public art and neighbourhood tours to the Scarborough community! This fall, Curtia Wright animates the iconic SCARBOROUGH sign at Scarborough Town Centre! Howard Tam and Tamil Archive Project host neighbourhood tours exploring Agincourt, the LRT, and more! Stay tuned for programming at the East Hub with self-directed tours on Driftscape!

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (TOAF) is Canada’s leading contemporary, juried, outdoor art fair. For 60 years, TOAF has been instrumental in launching artists’ careers and bringing art into people’s everyday lives. The Fair continues to connect artists and art lovers through a year-long showcase on its online platform at