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My Public Living Room is produced by SKETCH in its Making With Place Public Art Project Series, and is designed and curated by The Good Guise. Partners include Across Boundaries, Rittenhouse and Trinity in the Square Church.

Photo Credit: Julian Diego

About the Curator

The Good Guise

The Good Guise is a creative collective of racialized men (Black, brown, latinx, cis, trans, queer) who are still in the process of defining who we are; however, we all agree we want to create loving alternatives to patriarchy and patriarchal masculinity. 

So, we embarked on an exploration of intimate and supportive spaces for and by racialized men.  

These spaces were conceptualized and designed through pods of care, vulnerability, and accountability expressed and engaged through consent and creativity. 

The Good Guise Curator and Artists: Julian Diego, Balu Kanagalingam, Javier Davila, Moboluwajidide Joseph, and Jah Grey. 

About the Exhibition

My Public Living Room explores pods as Radically Loving Alternatives to shame, disposability, punishment, and lack of care. 

Drawing inspiration from the self-organized care pods activated in the ’80s to cope with the AIDS epidemic, this iterative installation engages racialized men as organizers of intimate and supportive spaces. The living room is redesigned in pods of care and vulnerability – in which no one is disposable – to cope and respond to the many pandemics we face today. 

Hosted by Good Guise, a community engagement process will exhibit two public installations in Eglinton West and Trinity in the Square and will connect audiences with online stories, animations, tools and workshops.

Learn more by visiting the SKETCH website here.

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