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ArtworxTO Spotlight: Emily Ryder

Emily Ryder is an independent writer & director based in Toronto, Canada. After initially choosing to pursue a degree in Mathematics, they quickly realized that their real passion was in storytelling and haven't looked back since. As a filmmaker, they love to write playful, honest stories that mix humour with humanity, and their work often explores themes of queer becoming, womanhood, and the complexity of intergenerational relationships. To date, their shorts have screened at a number of festivals, including Toronto's Inside Out 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival, the St John's International Women's Film Festival, and the Irish Film Institute’s GAZE International Film Festival. Their next short film, 'mothering' is currently in development and is being generously supported by the Toronto-based, Artist-run Media Art Production Centre, Charles Street Video. In addition to writing and directing, Emily is also a passionate advocate for queer representation both on and off-screen, and in Fall 2021, they were invited to speak at the Ontario Screen Creators Conference on a panel dedicated to diverse perspectives behind the camera in Canada's film industry. Looking ahead, Emily hopes to continue to develop her creative voice within the fabric of Toronto's Arts & Culture community, and when it’s not her turn to speak, she hopes to use her diverse skillset to amplify the voices of her peers.

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