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Garden Court Publication

Garden Court, Scott Burton

Garden Court, Scott Burton is an independent and free art publication that received funding as part of ArtworxTO: Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021–2022. Collaborators Rui Mateus Amaral and Paul P. interpreted the ArtworxTO open call as an opportunity to engage with one of the city’s artistic holdings rather than produce a new public artwork. As they describe their approach, “our current moment is exceptionally consonant with examining what’s around us—we’re prompted to remember, renew, and uplift the cultural signs of our city.” With the help of encouraging and generous individuals and organizations, Amaral and P. have discovered several ways of observing Garden Court, such as through the lenses of queer history and aesthetics, integrated design, public-mindedness, and a changing social landscape. “This publication is by no means definitive,” they remark, “but contributes something positive to the concepts of visibility, care, record-keeping, and conservation, while hopefully inviting new perspectives. The charm of Burton’s work, and Garden Court in particular, is in its openness: to a visitor’s need for respite and to endless interpretations."

Download the publication below, or listen to the podcast.