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ArtworxTO Live @ 5: Setting the Table

ArtworxTO Live @ 5: Setting the Table published on July 13, 2022

As we emerge from isolation, we are welcoming the opportunities to come together in person. Our ability to share ideas, communicate concepts, myths and stories is what makes us human. Possibilities, ideals, values and politics are things that we communicate through art, they are also things we explore through food, and that we share around a table. Talks 9 and 10 presented conversations between chefs who push their culinary skills into an art form and artists who work with food to create dialogue about our shared experiences.


  • Sameer Farooq - artist, who will speak about their project with Aisle 4 at the Scarborough Museum in 2019.

  • Diane Borsato - artist, who will speak about their public artwork ORCHARD installed as part of the 2019 Toronto Biennial and their Outdoor School mycological foray programs at UTSC.

  • Rob Shostak - artist, who will speak about their exhibition Parchment at FENTSTER Gallery.

  • Berlin Reed - independent curator, author, and chef, who will speak about the curation of their exhibition Brown Butter at Agnes Etherington Art Centre.

Our moderator for the talk is Chef Kareema.

Our host for this talk is Rebecca Carbin, ART+PUBLIC UnLtd.