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ArtworxTO Spotlight: Maria Christina Cruz

Meet #ArtworxTO’s Spotlight Emerging Artist M.C Cruz @aisha_amcic whose goal it is to create work that is visually and narratively compelling while also challenging the status quo. M.C Cruz is a child of Chilean immigrants and was born, raised and is currently based in Toronto but also lived in Chile and, more recently, did an Artist Residency in Morocco and Spain.

They facilitated filmmaking workshops for marginalized communities as part of Fright Film Academy and Fright Film School. Their painting series 'Refuge From Home' has been showcased at the University of Toronto and Toronto City Hall. Recently, they created and presented paintings for 'Unusual Spaces', a virtual art party by Hercinia Arts Collective. They have written, directed and produced several live action and animated short films including “Vampyric PSA”, “La Llorona” and “Root Causes”. 'Root Causes' screened at Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival and OCAD University in a special presentation.