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Shifting the Paradigm: Contesting Public Art & Space

Our shared public spaces are debated with increasing public energy about social change, political significance and cultural impact. We know public spaces are contested, and we understand that perspectives on historical imperialism remain visible in public places in the forms of monuments and the memorial naming of places. There is no doubt that inclusion, diversity, equity, and access are priorities of the arts and culture sector in Canada. Cultural equity is critical to the long-term viability of our field. This panel will reflect on the issues in public art and ask its panelists to consider what are the opportunities and challenges that exist if we are serious about implementing a real paradigm shift and to making much needed advances in terms of social change.  Moderated by Heidi Reitmaier, with speakers Diane Gistal, Keosha Love, Camille Larivee, Ashley McKenzie-Barnes, and Dawn Dahl.