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ArtworxTO Tours

Explore free self-guided public art walking tours today! We've partnered with Driftscape, local community artists and arts organizations to curate free public art tours all across the City. The tours include bonus media materials, artist interviews and features pieces from the City’s various divisions:  StreetARTorontoPercent for Public Art, and the Public Art & Monuments Collection.

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Colourful mural of bird faces

2019 North Etobicoke Murals, Photographer Jeremy Sale

Etobicoke North

North Etobicoke Mural Project - Arts Etobicoke

Arts Etobicoke together with Bareket Kezwer (Womxn Paint) and supporting partners, Mural Routes and The STEPS Initiative, present The North Etobicoke Mural Project. This new mural project is built upon the success and impact of the 576 feet of mural painted in 2019 which has since been demolished in order to make room for the Finch LRT Project. Through this project, we bring together the unique experiences and voices of the North Etobicoke community to create murals around the theme of “Natural Resiliency”. The North Etobicoke Mural Project is comprised of murals by women and non-binary artists and four spectacular community murals. We’ve invited some of the artists from this group to share their thoughts on the Indigenous narratives, personal experiences of residents, and both the natural and urban landscapes of North Etobicoke as represented in this new collection of vibrant murals.

Colourful mural of pigeons

John Kuna, Flight of the Passenger Pigeon

Etobicoke Centre

The Islington Dundas Murals – Etobicoke Arts 

The Village of Murals (Village of Islington) is filled with 28 incredible historical murals commissioned by the BIA. Arts Etobicoke has digitally enhanced 8 of them with Augmented Reality created by 11 local artists who added Indigenous and New Canadian narratives for the Year of Public Art. We’ve invited some of the best storytellers from this group of artists and community members to share some insight, wisdom, and historical knowledge for an audio tour of the murals. You’ll hear from an Indigenous Knowledge Keeper and Storyteller, local Etobicoke Historians, an Afro-Caribbean Performance artist, the Village of Islington BIA, the lead mural artist, and others! 

Image of a small lawn sign reading Neighbourhood Love

Selina McCallum, Neighbourhood Love


Neighbourhood Love Collective Tour

Come take a self-guided stroll to see Neighbourhood Love expressed through a curated selection of murals in South Etobicoke. This tour includes 10 of 25 murals, painted simultaneously over a weekend in October 2020, when artists, residents and local organizations came together to demonstrate their shared values of inclusion and solidarity through public art. Along the way you’ll learn more about the event, the murals, and the artists who painted them. Enjoy the stories that inspired these artwork read to you by the founders of Neighbourhood Love.

Sculpture surrounded by nature in High Park

Bernard Schottlander, November Pyramid

Parkdale-High Park

Explore Public Art in High Park

Participants will journey through High Park to view some of the public art installed in and around High Park and learn information about the artists that created them. Many of the works visit date from the 1967 International Sculpture Symposium. The tour uses paved trails and sidewalks, but there are certain works that are only accessible by unpaved footpaths, which include some uneven terrain and hills.  A new way to explore the park and see a monument to John and Jemima Howard, who are responsible for the creation of High Park.

Pedestrians on a street corner with a sign reading Welcome to Mount Dennis

Welcome to Mount Dennis

York South-Weston

Explore Mount Dennis Public Art Curated by UrbanArts

Join us on a jaunt through Toronto’s first and only proposed Eco-Neighbourhood and see the fantastic public art that makes Mount Dennis truly shine. From the thought provoking Nyctophilia to the bees of The Pollinators mural that highlights the environmentally conscious themes of the neighbourhood, there is something for everyone on this carefully selected tour of public art in Mount Dennis.

Mural of cyclists

The Bicycle Mural, Urban Arts

The Murals of Weston Curated by UrbanArts

UrbanArts invites you to discover the stunning murals of Weston. In this delightful walk through the heart of Weston, UrbanArts showcases the wide range of public art murals that highlight the history, present, and future of the Weston community. The murals bring to life the strengths and joys of this very vibrant and proud part of the City


Mural under a bridge of abstract winding shapes

Mural along the Humber River Recreational Trail

Humber River – UrbanArts

Local artist Star Nawegahbo will guide you on a meditative tour of art along the historic Humber River.  The murals nestled behind the parks and river provide the perfect landscape to connect and reflect on the land, water, past, present and future.

Image of a large crowd looking at a small stage in the background.

Jane Farrow, SarStock Stage – Rolling Stones

York Centre

Downsview XOXO – Curated by Jane Farrow in partnership with Downsview Park and Northcrest 

An entertaining and affectionate tour through the Downsview development site as told through arts and heritage features. Starting with its significance to Indigenous communities as a ridge linking the Don and Humber Rivers, the tour draws on the entertaining and surprising history of music, art, heritage architecture, aviation, performance and visual arts connected to the area that showcase the bold, vital spirit of Downsview. Local voices and collaborations with community artists and the Year of Public Art are featured on the tour.

Colourful large mural reading Limitless Heights

Limitless Heights, Cultural Hot Spots

Sheppard West to Lawrence Heights-Cultural Hotspots Program

Start by visiting  public art in the south end of Ward 6 and hen take a dip into Ward 8 to experience the daily activities at Art Starts. (If you come outside of site hours you can view a video about the site).   You’ll end the tour at The Lawrence Heights Community Centre building which is covered by a painted mural,  “Limitless Heights”

Many of the works are at TTC Subway stations, and we’ll ride the subway between some of the stops. You’ll need to pay your fare to enter the subway. We’ll be exiting and re-entering the subway system so you’ll want to use your Presto Card to complete this tour in a single two-hour transfer.

Large mural featuring animals in an orange and blue colour pallet

Essencia Art Collective, Water Mural

Ward 7

Essencia Art Collective’s WATER mural

Dive in to Essencia Art Collective’s “Water” mural and get a deeper look at the story behind this massive and colourful mural! In 2014, Essencia’s three founding members Fiya Bruxa, Shalak Attack and Bruno Smoky created a large-scale mural dedicated to "Water", located on Jane Street and the 400 underpass. Listen as artists share insight about Essencia’s artistic process and unique approach to collaborative murals, this one including 15 other local and international artists! This mural was part of the Essencia Art Collective’s International WATER Festival in Toronto, that collaborated with over 60 local and international artists.

Arial shot of a long mural across a T intersection

Essencia Art Collective, The Awakening Mural

Ward 8

The Awakening Mural by the Essencia Art Collective

Join Shalak Attack from the Essencia Art Collective, on an immersive journey of the“Awakening” Mural on Lawrence Ave (Caledonia St, Toronto). This mural strives to honour Mother Nature and tell the gripping story of the Climate Change crisis that is shaking the very foundation of our existence on Earth. Painted by Essencia’s three founding members Bruno Smoky, Fiya Bruxa and Shalak Attack in 2016, it took one month to complete, and is considered Canada’s longest mural (300 meters long x 6 meters high). This audio tour will lead you through a poetic narrative and soundscapes that will immerse the viewer even further into the Awakenings message.

Mural with large image of a man reading Jimmy Wisdom Way

Jimmy Wisdom, ArtworxTO

Little Jamaica – Curated by Adrian Hayles

Blurring the lines between graffiti and ultra realism, Adrian Hayle’s voice and vision is instantly identifiable. His works include countless portraits and illustrations for various magazines and collaborations with the City of Toronto to develop murals for vacant community spaces. Join Adrian on this vibrant public art tour of Reggae Lane and Little Jamaica, as he talks through some of the wonderful murals that beautify this diverse neighbourhood.

Images of the MOCA gallery with benches outside the building and a corner of a City street with a red streetcar

MOCA: Gabrielle Li; Dundas West Open-Air Museum: Creativo Arts

Ward 9

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Toronto x Dundas West Open Air Museum Walking Tour  - COMING SOON

From Sterling Road to Dundas Street West, delve into the history, stories, and creativity of three of Toronto’s most vibrant locales. Heading south from MOCA Toronto, you see revitalized industrial buildings that are now sites of artistic and cultural production, including site specific commissions at MOCA. Heading east on Dundas Street West, the Dundas West Open Air Museum’s mural art walks you through showcases collective commitment to the celebration of heritage, community and area beautification, with the project drawing inspiration from locales such as the Brooklyn to Valparaiso, from Berlin to Sao Paulo.

Image of a large mural of a colour gradation from sky blue to green

Gradation, ArtworxTO

From Rock to Railpath

We invite you to join us on this tour of public art from Christie Pits to the Junction Triangle as a part of ArtworxTO Tours! We’ll take you on a winding stroll or ride through the neighbourhood and tell you about some of the artwork that you see, and the artists that created them. This tour starts at a billion-year-old rock in Christie Pits Park and ends at the West Toronto Railpath near Lansdowne Ave and Dundas St with a work that captures the speed and dynamism of today. The tour takes about 2 hours by walking, or 1 hour by bike.

Ontario Place from an aerial view where the marina is visible

Ontario Place Site, Ontario Place

Ward 10

Ontario Place Tour – In partnership with Ontario Place

Ontario Place features 155 acres of breathtaking waterfront property just minutes from downtown Toronto. The iconic location is a venue for activities, live music, festivals, arts & culture, events and more. Re-opened as a beautiful public space, the previously closed Ontario Place has blossomed into a park that honours the landscape and brings people of all ages and communities together. This tour serves to highlight some of the interesting spaces and hidden gems in the park.

The Prince's Gate against a cloud filled sky

Princes Gates, Adobe Stock Photos

Exhibition Place Tour - Curated by Richard Fiennes-Clinton of Toronto History Museums 

Established in 1879 as a home for the Canadian National Exhibition, Exhibition Place is now Canada’s largest entertainment venue.  It also holds many works of public art that come in a variety of forms, including architecture, murals, statues, decorative brickwork, and even illustrated benches.  With over 140 years as a public space, Exhibition Place showcases art from several different decades, including neoclassical work from the 1920s, Art Deco features from the 1930s, abstract and modernist sculpture from the 1950s and 1960s, and contemporary pieces from more recent times.

Susan Schelle & Mark Gomes Domino installation at the corner of Bloor and Spadina

Bloor Parkette, ArtworxTO

Ward 11

Spadina Art Crawl Sponsored by Collectdev

The Collecdev team are extremely proud to welcome you to the ArtworxTO Tour: Spadina Art Crawl. This area is special to Collecdev, and they want to thank you for welcoming them in this neighbourhood with their new development, 300 Bloor StreetWest – Cielo Residences.  Collecdev believes in building communities around anticipation of the future, Social Sustainability, and also that art is especially important to drawing out each community’s roots and character. This tour starts at the Walmer Road Parkette near Spadina and Davenport Road, and takes approximately one-and-a-half to two hours to complete. 

Images of Queen West murals in a collage

Riverside B.I.A + Queen West BIA

Public Art from Queen East to West – Riverside B.I.A + Queen West BIA

Explore Toronto’s Queen Street to uncover hidden and not so hidden public art. The Riverside Business Improvement Area (BIA) on Queen East and the Queen Street West BIA have teamed up to bring you this walk, highlighting ‘all local’ art by a variety of Canadian artists. Get to know the stories behind ‘Paint the City Black’ in Queen West’s world-famous Graffiti Alley and the iconic metal art atop the Queen Street Viaduct on Riverside’s Queen East, plus many more. Tour spans Ward 10 and Ward 14. (Tour by Bike, Walk, Street Car or combination)

Colourful murals in a courtyard at 99 Yorkville Ave

Untitled, Yorkville Murals

Ward 11

Yorkville Murals Tour

Yorkville Murals is an annual three-day cultural event that celebrates contemporary muralism and public art. It will take place from September 24-26th, 2021   This self-directed tour will give participants a chance to visit many of the murals featured in the festival. Through the creation of artistic murals in Yorkville, and the implementation of cultural activations such as artist installations, speaker panels, and movie screenings, this project focuses on making Yorkville a landmark in Toronto for public art and an ultimate tourist destination.

A large crowd gathered at UofT exterior a building

Gu Xiu Hei, Bruce Parsons, Broken Bicycle Tiananmen Square, (1992), June 4, 2021

University of Toronto St George Tour – In partnership with University of Toronto

Public Art abounds at the University of Toronto St George campus.

From Sorel Etrog sculptures to historic gargoyles; from innovative works in concrete by Ted Bieler and Robert Downing to profound reflections by Rebecca Belmore and Osvaldo Yero; endless paths, enclaves and courtyards at the University are the sites for surprising and poetic works by artists.

Explore the campus with writers and UofT students Ameen Ahmed, Rhiannon Vogl and Rowan Sky as they examine and provide contemporary perspectives to the public art at UofT, exploring its sites, histories, memories and possibilities.

Large mural of a man above a plaza

Emmanuel Jarus, Untitled, Photo: Yung Yemi

Kensington Market Curated by artist Yung Yemi

Kensington Market is a hub for creators from across the GTA. It’s home to street art by some of the most iconic Toronto artists as well as emerging talents. On this walking tour we will take a look at some integral landmarks to the Kensington Market/Chinatown Street art scene as well as some of the artist’s personal favorite artworks in the area. He’ll be sharing his insights about what stands out to him when looking at artwork on the street and a little bit of information about the artist behind these pieces.

Installation in front of the night sky with tall buildings in the background

Mindshadows, ArtworxTO

Ward 12


Come and experience this tour of public art around Midtown Toronto as part of ArtworxTO Tours. The tour will introduce you to some of the public art installed in and around the neighbourhood. You’ll see works that respond to specific sites, and works that aim to inject a bit of whimsy into the urban landscape. This Tour starts at Broadway Ave (near Yonge and Broadway) and ends at Mount Pleasant Rd and Davisville Ave. The Tour takes about one hour. See works such as Stargate, The Iron Horse and Mindshadows.

A mural of different types of trees.

Paula Gonzalez and Na-Me-Res artists, Untitled (Ancestral Tree Spirits), ArtworxTO

Ward 13

St Clair West

Please join us on this tour of St Clair West as part of ArtworxTO Tours. The Tour starts at Tweedsmuir Ave near the St Clair West subway station and ends on Bathurst St, south of St Clair.  It takes about forty-five minutes. We’ll take you through the neighbourhood and tell you about some of the artwork that you see, and the artists that created them, including some extraordinary murals depicting the indigenous life in this area, and an ambitious work that brings new life to a traffic island, and even has its own soundtrack.

Installation of large blue abstract figures in Corktown

Water Guardians, ArtworxTO

Corktown & Regent Park

Take this tour of public art in Corktown and Regent Park as a part of ArtworxTO Tours. We’ll visit a number of newer works, installed before the 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Games, as well as other works in expected places, responding to these rapidly changing neighbourhoods.  This Tour starts at the northwest corner of Eastern Avenue and Sumach Street and finishes in Regent Park.  The tour takes about 45 minutes. Explore works such as Water Guardians and No Shoes!

Mural on the side of a building with a person's arms upstretched wearing a tie, black dress and gloves

The Bathhouse Raids, ArtworxTO

Church Wellesley Village & St. James Town

Join us on this tour of public art in Church Wellesley Village and St. James Town as a part of ArtworxTO Tours. We will start at the corner of Church Street and McGill and finish a few blocks from there on Church Street just north of Wellesley. The tour will take around an hour to complete. You’ll discover epic murals such as “The Bathhouse Raids” and works like
“Forest Walk” that bring nature into the city. Let’s go!

Mural installation on the side of a light coloured building with a snake and lily pad

Massaga Lily, Artworx TO

Old Toronto

Take this tour of public art in Old Toronto as a part of ArtworxTO Tours. We’ll explore a variety of artworks that speak to the myriad histories, identities and experiences that overlap in this neighbourhood. The tour includes works such as Monument to Multiculturism, Garden Court and  Massasauga Lily. This tour starts in front of Union Station, and finishes at Adelaide and Victoria Streets and takes about 60 minutes. We’ll take you through the neighbourhood and tell you about some of the artwork and sculptures that you see, and the artists that created them.

Mural of diverse people holding or surrounded by small buildings

Giants of the Danforth, East End Arts

Ward 14

#East End Love – East End Arts

Starting at Broadview and Danforth, and travelling east, you will see a lot of #EastEndLove on display for this first route of our Local Discoveries walking tours. Along this route you’ll discover work that celebrates our connections to one another, to our neighbours, and how unstoppable we are as a force for collective good. This route is a great excuse to check out the new Danforth Bike Lanes as part of #DestinationDanforth. 

Mural with a mix of landscape and graffiti words

The Seven Wonders of Chinatown East, East End Arts

Around the World – East End Arts

Taking our start at Danforth and Woodbine, this route sends us on a world tour through the east end. You’ll find murals celebrating the incredible diversity of global cultures that find their home in east Toronto, and all the food that goes along with them! Along this route you will find opportunities to contemplate the ways we are connected to the world beyond our own backyard. Note: CoversWard 14 and 19. Please check route map. The tour is suited to biking, walking, TTC or a combination.

Murals at Underpass Park by multiple artist in different styles.

Ness Lee and Collaborators, Untitled

From Corktown to the Dollhouse – Curated by artist Ness Lee

Ness Lee States “As an artist in the city living on the east side, over time I found myself seeking familiarity- notions of 'home'. In doing so, there have been many spots, some included in this tour, that have brought me great comfort. I've come to appreciate when places bring a sense of stability, sparks a memory- a feeling. To be able to paint murals in the city and to have one on the east side gave me the chance to feel more of a connection, a feeling of growing with 'home'”

Colourful mural of a person with pink hair

Witch Prophet and rupi kaur, E.W.o.C Project Community Mural (section)

The E.W.o.C. Project Community Mural@ 10 Boultbee Avenue

The E.W.o.C. Project Community Mural re-purposes space and increases access to public art, while expanding representation of women of colour both on the walls and as artists. The murals stretch over ninety-feet long and depict women of colour who are activists, change-makers, and re-imaginings of classic superheroes.

Shafia Shaikh is the founder of The E.W.o.C. Project, an initiative expanding representation and creating opportunities for women of colour through community public art projects, youth workshops and street art. The project incorporates community engagement and sharing stories through accessible art. (30 minute tour of one large mural.)

Installation of an abstract shape on stone plinth

Circle of Hope, ArtworxTO

Ward 15

Bayview Corridor

Join us for this tour of the Bayview Corridor as a part of ArtworxTO Tours. This tour will introduce you to some of the sculptures at Holland Bloorview Hospital, Sunnybrook Hospital and York University's Glendon campus. The Tour starts at Holland Bloorview and ends at the park-like Glendon Campus. The Tour will take about one hour and a quarter. We’ll take you up Bayview Avenue and tell you about some of the artworks that you see, and the artists that created them. 

Exteriors of the Aga Khan Museum + Ismaili Centre Toronto + Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

Image 1-3 Aly Manji, Janet Kimber, and Janet Kimber Image 4 by permission of Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

Ward 16

Wynford Drive Cultural Corridor – Aga Khan Museum + Ismaili Centre Toronto + Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

Discover heritage, history, art, and modern design along the Wynford Drive Cultural Corridor, a hidden gem of diverse cultural centres: the Aga Khan Museum, the Aga Khan Park, the Ismaili Centre, Toronto, and the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. Nestled in the heart of Don Mills, this thriving creative community offers spectacular art and architecture, and lively activities for all. Exploring this urban passageway, where culture and spirit beautifully intersect in an elegant landscape, is an experience not to be missed! The best time to visit is when the buildings are open, so check the websites for the Aga Khan Museum, The Ismaili Centre, Toronto, and The JCCC.

Installation of houses askew atop a pole in a park.

Star Burst Clock Tower, Cultural Hotspots

Ward 17

Don Mills to Bayview Station – Cultural Hotspots Tour

The tour will visit sites in Don Mills North, that relate to the history of this area, recall the early days of the planned community of Don Mills, and that enliven several of the subway stations we’ll pass through with remarkable public art. The tour takes about two-and-a-half to three hours including subway travel time.

For the last few stops, you’ll need to pay your fare to enter the subway, and since we’ll be exiting and re=entering the subway system you’ll want to use your Presto Card to complete this tour in a single two-hour transfer.

A bandshell illuminated from the centre.

Limelights (Bandshell), ArtworxTO

Ward 18

Willowdale Tour

Please join us on this tour of public art in Willowdale as part of ArtworxTO Tours. This tour will introduce you to “Lee Lifeson Park Memorial Mural” at an art park inspired by rock and roll, You will also visit art at Gibson and Dempsey Parks that builds on the rich history of the neighbourhood.    And you’ll also explore art that responds to new developments. This Tour starts at Sheppard-Yonge Subway Station, and ends at Finch Subway Station, The tour takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete. 

Mural of a woman surrounded by waves and the artist painting details

A work from Wallnoise, Street Arts Toronto

Ward 19

Water Ways – East End Arts

Living close to the lake makes east enders particularly conscious of our relationship to water and waterways. All along Queen East, and down to Lake Ontario, explore murals that take on the theme of water and our relationship to the landscape where we find ourselves. Starting at the Queen St. bridge, we begin this route with the words, “The river I step in is not the river I stand in.” What do those words mean to you? What is your connection to the waterways of Toronto? Suitable for Walking, Bike, TTC or combination. 

Mural of a ship in the water and cliffs

Untitled, Cliffside Tour, Mural Routes

Ward 20

The Cliff side Murals – Mural Routes 

The murals in the Cliffside area of Scarborough have been part of the community landscape for over 30 years. Inspired by the ‘mural town’ of Chemainus, B.C., Scarborough Arts spearheaded an initiative called the Heritage Trail, which produced murals depicting local Scarborough history along Kingston Road starting in 1990. The success of the first five murals of the Heritage Trail paved the way for the incorporation of Mural Routes in 1994, who completed 12 Heritage Trail murals before broadening its mandate to include education and community murals across Toronto

Installation of granite with scattered stones and a large stone rectangle standing upright

International Granite Symposium

Ward 21

Scarborough Centre Tour – International Granite Symposium

Take this intriguing tour of public art in Scarborough Centre as a part of ArtworxTO Tours. We’ll start at the corner of Borough Drive and Brian Harrison Way. The majority of the works we’ll visit on this tour were created as part of the 1994 International Granite Symposium and a few were installed in the 1970’s.  You’ll see that granite is often the material of choice! Enjoy artworks by Peter Roller, Yosio Yagi and Uga Drava to name but a few and enjoy this interesting way to tour the neighbourhood around the Civic Centre.   

Mural under a bridge of people sitting in a forest

Rise and Write – Accension Mural, ArtworxTO

Thompson Park Tour Curated by ArtworxTO Community Hub East – Coming Soon

Thompson Memorial Park** is known for Its beautiful nature, summer picnics and Bbq's. Geographically, it is located in the heart of Scarborough and is a part of the Pan Am Path. This tour will highlight the nature, the history and the art in the heart of Scarborough.  Scarborough has a rich history prior to the huge wave of immigrants that came between the1960's and 80's. There is a history not many know. Our tour will begin at Scarborough museum discussing where we have been. Along the journey, we will be serenaded by musical performances that culminate in a mural site visit to discuss the future of Scarborough.

Mural of multiple people in primarily blue tones

Elicser Elliot Mural, Untitled, Scarborough Arts

Ward 22

Explore the Cultural Life of Agincourt! – Scarborough Arts

Take a tour of Agincourt featuring public art and architectural highlights while exploring local historical and culinary gems. Discover hidden parts and incredible parks with ample #SocialDistancing room. Enjoy street art like Elicser’s beautiful homage to Agincourt’s people. Enjoy some of Scarborough's best Caribbean cuisine at Chris Jerk. And, see North America’s first indoor Chinese shopping mall and one of our oldest churches that has a hand dug basement! Join us for a walk with dragons where water winds! Note: This tour takes approximately 2.5 hours. (Walk, Bike, TTC or combination)

Hand with a manicured nail holding a patty in coco bread at Warden Station

Alicia Reid, Warden Station Patty (2020), winner - Things Category of Scarborough's New View Photo Contest (@lensofalicia).

Multiple Wards

A Cross-town Cultural Cruise on Scarborough's LRT Line!  - Scarborough Arts

Check out the hype and ride Scarborough's LRT! Explore Scarborough - from the permanent art collection at Scarborough Civic Centre and its recent Nuit Blanche fame, to the intergenerational community developed mural at Stephen Leacock Community Centre, to the calming brooks in Warden Woods, to the iconic Warden Station Patty - this tour has something for everyone! Get in touch with your inner-Suburbanite with this inimitable tour of the people, places and cultural highlights that make our borough one of a kind!  The tour is best taken during the daylight since many of the art works are not visible at night.

Two faces on a orange background painted on a Bell box

Tim Hunter, Bell Box

Ward 23

Malvern Bell Box Tour - A Cultural Hotspots Tour

Find time to join us on this tour of public art in Malvern as a part of ArtworxTO Tours. have a Explore some artwork produced under a remarkable project – the Bell Box Mural Project.  This Tour starts at the corner of Sheppard Avenue East and Lapsley Road and finishes just north of there near the Malvern Community Recreation Centre. The tour takes about 1.5 hours. We’ll take you on a loop through the neighbourhood and tell you the stories behind some of the artworks you’ll see and about the artists that created them.  

Mural of a little kid and their mother holding a tree with the silhouette of the Toronto skyline

Amir Akbhari

Ward 24

Scarborough Tour curated by artist Amir Akbhari

This tour features 6 collaborative murals, led by artist Amir Akbari, funded by Street Art Toronto and in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough.  Community engagement and participation were central in these projects, exploring themes of resilience, unity, diversity, togetherness and inclusion.  Youth from the community came together to create vibrant artworks that would provide a positive message for the next generation of children and youth in East Scarborough.  Special thanks to Toronto Community Housing and G&G Electronics for providing the walls.  

Mural of people walking and dancing on the exterior of a building

Scarborough Village Rec Centre

The E.W.o.C Project - Scarborough Village Recreation Centre

Art and activism intersected when Project Urban Canvas launched a mural series celebrating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  This is a 30 minute tour of the 2008 community mural which prioritized youth mentorship and artistic skill-building in Scarborough.

Shafia Shaikh is the founder of The E.W.o.C. Project (Equity for Women of Colour), an initiative committed to expanding representation and creating opportunities for women of colour through community public art projects, youth workshops and street art. E.W.o.C places a focus on activism for under-represented communities, often involving community engagement and sharing authentic stories through accessible art.

The Guild Park with columns and trees

Monument Walk, Toronto Society of Architects

Guild Park and Gardens - Toronto Society of Architects

A park like no other, Guild Park and Gardens is a special place where art, architecture and nature meet on the spectacular Scarborough Bluffs. Dotted by a unique collection sculptures and architectural fragments salvaged from 19th and 20th century Toronto buildings, these beautiful grounds have provided a home and a forum for artists and artisans, where their work was created and collected for the enjoyment of many.  Join the Toronto Society of Architects as we explore these picturesque grounds and learn the stories behind its artefacts, landscapes and buildings.

Installation in a three story white building

Young and Giroux, Interegnum

Ward 25

University of Toronto at Scarborough Tour - In partnership with University of Toronto Scarborough Campus

From Louis Archambault’s organic and enigmatic A Tall Couple, commissioned for Expo ‘67 and presented to the campus around the time of its founding, to cutting edge contemporary projects by Young & Giroux, BGL, and Kim Adams, the University of Toronto at Scarborough is site to a number of works of public art.

We invite you to explore the campus with writers and UofT students hannah macdonald and Sofia Suleman as they examine and provide contemporary perspectives to the public art on campus, exploring its sites, histories, memories, and possibilities.

Sign reading Rouge River in front of a trail surrounded by trees

Rouge Valley Park - ArtworxTO Community Hub East

Home and Native Land – Celebrating the Fall Equinox in Scarborough Curated by Spoken Soul Collective in partnership with ArtworxTO Community Hub East. - COMING SOON

A guided walking tour in Rouge Park with artistic presentations and storytelling about Bead Hill,the only known remaining and intact 17th century Seneca Village (named Gandatsekiagon) and the history of Indigenous presence in the Scarborough Rouge Valley.

Mural of maple leaf players on a red background, located in a TTC station

Toronto Transit Commission, Hockey Knights in Canada

TTC Tours – All Around Town* in partnership with the Toronto Transit Commission

Tour 1 – Downtown

In 1954, the TTC opened Canada's first underground rail line, then known as the "Yonge” subway, under Yonge Street between Union Station and Eglinton Avenue. It was extended multiple times between 1963 and 2017 heading northbound from Union to St. George and Finch.

Participants will travel on the subway to visit pieces of art at or in the vicinity of 8 different stations.

One such piece, unveiled in 1985, is at College station by Artist Charles Pachter’s is titled “Hockey Knights in Canada”. This is a two-part installation depicting the Maple Leafs squaring off from opposite sides of the subway tracks, with the Montreal Canadiens.

Abstract mural in a TTC Station

Toronto Transit Commission, From Here Right Now

Tour 2 – North York  

Line 4 opened on November 22, 2002, and has five stations and is built entirely underground in the district of North York, along Sheppard Avenue between Yonge Street and Don Mills Road.

Participants will travel on the subway to visit 9 pieces of art at or in the vicinity of 8 different stations.

Featuring “From Here Right Now” by artist Panya Clark Espinal. The trompe d\oeil artwork depicts shadows of common objects (i.e., apples and ladders) that are transferred to the floors and walls and framed by patches of coloured tile giving it a surreal look. Usually the images are seen distorted, but if you stand in the right locations, they become clear and focused.

Colourful mural comprised of lines, located in a TTC station

Toronto Transit Commission, Directions Intersections Connections

Tour 3 – The Danforth/Line 2 East

Travel time for many transit riders was cut in half with the opening of the new Bloor-Danforth subway on February 26, 1966 from Keele station to Woodbine station.

Participants will travel on the subway to visit pieces of art at or in the vicinity of 6 different stations.

One such piece of artwork at Woodbine station, “Directions Intersections Connections” by Marmin & Borins are brightly-coloured coated metal panels. Seen up close the artwork is arranged in geometric patterns. From a distance the geometric patterns express the dynamic motion, community and the connections to the present and the past.

Mural of a woman on a cellphone, located in a TTC station

Toronto Transit Commission, Anonymous Somebody

Tour 4 – Bloor West /Line 2 West

On February 26, 1966 the new Bloor-Danforth subway opened from Keele station to Woodbine station with extensions at both ends that were completed in 1968 and again in 1980.

Participants will travel on the subway to visit pieces of art at or in the vicinity of 5 different stations.

One such piece of artwork is at Runnymede station by street artist Elicser Elliott, “Anonymous Somebody”. The artwork, his first permanent piece, consists of images of people that one may see in the neighbourhood where the station is located.

Mural of TTC streetcar inside a TTC station

Toronto Transit Commission, Summertime Streetcar

Tour 5 – Spadina Line 

Opened in 1978, the Spadina subway line broke from tradition and redefined Toronto’s commuter experience with inspiring architecture and museum-worthy artwork that set a new standard for the city’s transit system.

Participants will travel on the subway to visit 14 pieces of art at or in the vicinity of 8 different stations on the Spadina line.

One such piece of artwork titled” Summertime Streetcar” by Gerald Zeldin, is a montage of PCC streetcars from differing perspectives.

Colourful abstract mural on windows in a TTC station

Toronto Transit Commission, Sky Ellipse

Tour 6 – Spadina Line (New Extension)

In 2017, six new stations, each a collaboration between local architects, celebrated international studios, and renowned artists, were added to the line, making the Spadina Line one of Toronto’s most impressive and integrated collections of contemporary art and architecture.

Participants will travel on the subway to visit pieces of art at or in the vicinity of 6 different stations on the line.

Once such piece of artwork titled “Sky Ellipse” is by artist David Pearl