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Explore free self-guided public art walking tours today! We've partnered with Driftscape, local community artists and arts organizations to curate free public art tours all across the City. The tours include bonus media materials, artist interviews and features pieces from the City’s various divisions:  StreetARTorontoPercent for Public Art, and the Public Art & Monuments Collection.

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Colourful mural of bird faces

2019 North Etobicoke Murals, Photographer Jeremy Sale

Etobicoke North

Coming Soon: North Etobicoke Mural Project curated by Arts Etobicoke

Arts Etobicoke together with Bareket Kezwer (Womxn Paint) and supporting partners, Mural Routes and The STEPS Initiative, present The North Etobicoke Mural Project. This new mural project is built upon the success and impact of the 576 feet of mural painted in 2019 which has since been demolished in order to make room for the Finch LRT Project. Through this project, we bring together the unique experiences and voices of the North Etobicoke community to create murals around the theme of “Natural Resiliency”. The North Etobicoke Mural Project is comprised of murals by women and non-binary artists and four spectacular community murals. We’ve invited some of the artists from this group to share their thoughts on the Indigenous narratives, personal experiences of residents, and both the natural and urban landscapes of North Etobicoke as represented in this new collection of vibrant murals.

Be on the look out for this tour, coming soon to Driftscape!

Colourful mural of pigeons

Flight of the Passenger Pigeon by John Kuna, 2018

Etobicoke Centre

Village of Islington Murals curated by Arts Etobicoke

The Village of Murals (Village of Islington) is filled with 28 incredible historical murals commissioned by the BIA. Arts Etobicoke has digitally enhanced 8 of them with Augmented Reality created by 11 local artists who added Indigenous and New Canadian narratives for the Year of Public Art. We’ve invited some of the best storytellers from this group of artists and community members to share some insight, wisdom, and historical knowledge for an audio tour of the murals. You’ll hear from an Indigenous Knowledge Keeper and Storyteller, local Etobicoke Historians, an Afro-Caribbean Performance artist, the Village of Islington BIA, the lead mural artist, and others! 

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Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

Image of a small lawn sign reading Neighbourhood Love

Neighbourhood Love by Selina McCallum, 2021


Neighbourhood Love Murals in South Etobicoke

Come take a self-guided stroll to see Neighbourhood Love expressed through a curated selection of murals in South Etobicoke. This tour includes 10 of 25 murals, painted simultaneously over a weekend in October 2020, when artists, residents and local organizations came together to demonstrate their shared values of inclusion and solidarity through public art. Along the way you’ll learn more about the event, the murals, and the artists who painted them. Enjoy the stories that inspired these artwork read to you by the founders of Neighbourhood Love.

Thanks so much to Lakeshore Arts for connecting us to the Neighbour Love Collective.

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Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

Sculpture surrounded by nature in High Park

“Three Disks” Menashe Kadishman

Parkdale-High Park

Explore Public Art in High Park

Participants will journey through High Park to view some of the public art installed in and around High Park and learn information about the artists that created them. Many of the works visit date from the 1967 International Sculpture Symposium. The tour uses paved trails and sidewalks, but there are certain works that are only accessible by unpaved footpaths, which include some uneven terrain and hills.  A new way to explore the park and see a monument to John and Jemima Howard, who are responsible for the creation of High Park.

Experience this tour on Driftscape mobile app.

Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

Pedestrians on a street corner with a sign reading Welcome to Mount Dennis

Welcome to Mount Dennis

York South-Weston

Explore Mount Dennis Public Art curated by UrbanArts

Join us on a jaunt through Toronto’s first and only proposed Eco-Neighbourhood and see the fantastic public art that makes Mount Dennis truly shine. From the thought provoking "Nyctophilia" to the bees of "The Pollinators" mural that highlights the environmentally conscious themes of the neighbourhood, there is something for everyone on this carefully selected tour of public art in Mount Dennis.

Experience this tour on Driftscape mobile app.
Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

Mural of cyclists

The Bicycle Mural, Urban Arts

The Murals of Weston curated by UrbanArts

UrbanArts invites you to discover the stunning murals of Weston. In this delightful walk through the heart of Weston, UrbanArts showcases the wide range of public art murals that highlight the history, present, and future of the Weston community. The murals bring to life the strengths and joys of this very vibrant and proud part of the City.

Experience this tour on Driftscape mobile app.
Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

Mural under a bridge of abstract winding shapes

Mural along the Humber River Recreational Trail

Humber River – UrbanArts

Local artist Star Nawegahbo will guide you on a meditative tour of art along the historic Humber River.  The murals nestled behind the parks and river provide the perfect landscape to connect and reflect on the land, water, past, present and future.

Experience this tour on Driftscape mobile app.
Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

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