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ArtworxTO Tours

Explore free self-guided public art walking tours today! We've partnered with Driftscape, local community artists and arts organizations to curate free public art tours all across the City. The tours include bonus media materials, artist interviews and features pieces from the City’s various divisions:  StreetARTorontoPercent for Public Art, and the Public Art & Monuments Collection.

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Image of a large crowd looking at a small stage in the background.

Jane Farrow, SarStock Stage – Rolling Stones

York Centre

Downsview XOXO curated by Jane Farrow in partnership with Downsview Park and Northcrest 

An entertaining and affectionate tour through the Downsview development site as told through arts and heritage features. Starting with its significance to Indigenous communities as a ridge linking the Don and Humber Rivers, the tour draws on the entertaining and surprising history of music, art, heritage architecture, aviation, performance and visual arts connected to the area that showcase the bold, vital spirit of Downsview. Local voices and collaborations with community artists and the Year of Public Art are featured on the tour.

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Colourful large mural reading Limitless Heights

Limitless Heights, Cultural Hot Spots

Sheppard West to Lawrence Heights – A Cultural Hotspot Tour

Start by visiting  public art in the south end of Ward 6 and hen take a dip into Ward 8 to experience the daily activities at Art Starts. (If you come outside of site hours you can view a video about the site). You’ll end the tour at The Lawrence Heights Community Centre building which is covered by a painted mural,  “Limitless Heights”

Many of the works are at TTC Subway stations, and we’ll ride the subway between some of the stops. You’ll need to pay your fare to enter the subway. You’ll be exiting and re-entering the subway system so you’ll want to use your Presto Card to complete this tour in a single two-hour transfer.

Experience this tour on Driftscape mobile app.
Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

Large mural featuring animals in an orange and blue colour pallet

Essencia Art Collective, Water Mural

Humber River-Black Creek

Essencia Art Collective’s WATER mural

Dive in to Essencia Art Collective’s “Water” mural and get a deeper look at the story behind this massive and colourful mural! In 2014, Essencia’s three founding members Fiya Bruxa, Shalak Attack and Bruno Smoky created a large-scale mural dedicated to "Water", located on Jane Street and the 400 underpass. Listen as artists share insight about Essencia’s artistic process and unique approach to collaborative murals, this one including 15 other local and international artists! This mural was part of the Essencia Art Collective’s International WATER Festival in Toronto, that collaborated with over 60 local and international artists.

Experience this tour on Driftscape mobile app.
Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

Arial shot of a long mural across a T intersection

Essencia Art Collective, The Awakening Mural


The Awakening Mural by the Essencia Art Collective

Join Shalak Attack from the Essencia Art Collective, on an immersive journey of the“Awakening” Mural on Lawrence Ave (Caledonia St, Toronto). This mural strives to honour Mother Nature and tell the gripping story of the Climate Change crisis that is shaking the very foundation of our existence on Earth. Painted by Essencia’s three founding members Bruno Smoky, Fiya Bruxa and Shalak Attack in 2016, it took one month to complete, and is considered Canada’s longest mural (300 meters long x 6 meters high). This audio tour will lead you through a poetic narrative and soundscapes that will immerse the viewer even further into the Awakenings message.

Experience this tour on Driftscape mobile app.
Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

Mural with large image of a man reading Jimmy Wisdom Way

Jimmy Wisdom, ArtworxTO

Little Jamaica – Curated by Adrian Hayles

Blurring the lines between graffiti and ultra realism, Adrian Hayle’s voice and vision is instantly identifiable. His works include countless portraits and illustrations for various magazines and collaborations with the City of Toronto to develop murals for vacant community spaces. Join Adrian on this vibrant public art tour of Reggae Lane and Little Jamaica, as he talks through some of the wonderful murals that beautify this diverse neighbourhood.

Experience this tour on Driftscape mobile app.
Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

Images of the MOCA gallery with benches outside the building and a corner of a City street with a red streetcar

MOCA: Gabrielle Li; Dundas West Open-Air Museum: Creativo Arts


COMING SOON - Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Toronto x Dundas West Open Air Museum Walking Tour 

From Sterling Road to Dundas Street West, delve into the history, stories, and creativity of three of Toronto’s most vibrant locales. Heading south from MOCA Toronto, you see revitalized industrial buildings that are now sites of artistic and cultural production, including site specific commissions at MOCA. Heading east on Dundas Street West, the Dundas West Open Air Museum’s mural art walks you through showcases collective commitment to the celebration of heritage, community and area beautification, with the project drawing inspiration from locales such as the Brooklyn to Valparaiso, from Berlin to Sao Paulo.

Be on the look out for this tour, coming soon to Driftscape!

Image of a large mural of a colour gradation from sky blue to green

Gradation, ArtworxTO

From Rock to Railpath

We invite you to join us on this tour of public art from Christie Pits to the Junction Triangle as a part of ArtworxTO Tours! We’ll take you on a winding stroll or ride through the neighbourhood and tell you about some of the artwork that you see, and the artists that created them. This tour starts at a billion-year-old rock in Christie Pits Park and ends at the West Toronto Railpath near Lansdowne Ave and Dundas St with a work that captures the speed and dynamism of today. The tour takes about 2 hours by walking, or 1 hour by bike.

Experience this tour on Driftscape mobile app.
Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

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