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ArtworxTO Tours

Explore free self-guided public art walking tours today! We've partnered with Driftscape, local community artists and arts organizations to curate free public art tours all across the City. The tours include bonus media materials, artist interviews and features pieces from the City’s various divisions:  StreetARTorontoPercent for Public Art, and the Public Art & Monuments Collection.

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Mural of a ship in the water and cliffs

Untitled, Cliffside Tour, Mural Routes

Scarborough Southwest

The Cliffside Murals – Mural Routes

The murals in the Cliffside area of Scarborough have been part of the community landscape for over 30 years. Inspired by the ‘mural town’ of Chemainus, B.C., Scarborough Arts spearheaded an initiative called the Heritage Trail, which produced murals depicting local Scarborough history along Kingston Road starting in 1990. The success of the first five murals of the Heritage Trail paved the way for the incorporation of Mural Routes in 1994, who completed 12 Heritage Trail murals before broadening its mandate to include education and community murals across Toronto.

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Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

Installation of granite with scattered stones and a large stone rectangle standing upright

International Granite Symposium

Scarborough Centre

Check out Artworks from the International Granite Symposium

Take this intriguing tour of public art in Scarborough Centre as a part of ArtworxTO Tours. We’ll start at the corner of Borough Drive and Brian Harrison Way. The majority of the works we’ll visit on this tour were created as part of the 1994 International Granite Symposium and a few were installed in the 1970’s.  You’ll see that granite is often the material of choice! Enjoy artworks by Peter Roller, Yosio Yagi and Uga Drava to name but a few and enjoy this interesting way to tour the neighbourhood around the Civic Centre.   

Experience this tour on Driftscape mobile app.
Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

Mural under a bridge of people sitting in a forest

Rise and Write – Accension Mural, ArtworxTO

Coming Soon: Thompson Park Tour Curated by ArtworxTO Community Hub East

Thompson Memorial Park** is known for Its beautiful nature, summer picnics and BBQ's. Geographically, it is located in the heart of Scarborough and is a part of the Pan Am Path. This tour will highlight the nature, the history and the art in the heart of Scarborough.  Scarborough has a rich history prior to the huge wave of immigrants that came between the 1960's and 80's. There is a history not many know. Our tour will begin at Scarborough museum discussing where we have been. Along the journey, we will be serenaded by musical performances that culminate in a mural site visit to discuss the future of Scarborough.

Be on the look out for this tour, coming soon to Driftscape!

Mural of multiple people in primarily blue tones

Elicser Elliot Mural, Untitled, Scarborough Arts


Explore the Cultural Life of Agincourt! – Scarborough Arts

Take a tour of Agincourt featuring public art and architectural highlights while exploring local historical and culinary gems. Discover hidden parts and incredible parks with ample #SocialDistancing room. Enjoy street art like Elicser’s beautiful homage to Agincourt’s people. Enjoy some of Scarborough's best Caribbean cuisine at Chris Jerk. And, see North America’s first indoor Chinese shopping mall and one of our oldest churches that has a hand dug basement! Join us for a walk with dragons where water winds! Note: This tour takes approximately 2.5 hours. (Walk, Bike, TTC or combination)

Experience this tour on Driftscape mobile app.
Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

Hand with a manicured nail holding a patty in coco bread at Warden Station

Alicia Reid, Warden Station Patty (2020), winner - Things Category of Scarborough's New View Photo Contest (@lensofalicia).

A Cross-town Cultural Cruise on Scarborough's LRT Line! - Scarborough Arts

Check out the hype and ride Scarborough's LRT! Explore Scarborough - from the permanent art collection at Scarborough Civic Centre and its recent Nuit Blanche fame, to the intergenerational community developed mural at Stephen Leacock Community Centre, to the calming brooks in Warden Woods, and to the iconic Warden Station Patty - this tour has something for everyone! Get in touch with your inner-Suburbanite with this inimitable tour of the people, places and cultural highlights that make our borough one of a kind!  The tour is best taken during the daylight since many of the art works are not visible at night.

Experience this tour on Driftscape mobile app.
Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

Two faces on a orange background painted on a Bell box

Tim Hunter, Bell Box

Scarborough North

Malvern Bell Box Tour - A Cultural Hotspot Tour

Find time to join us on this tour of public art in Malvern as a part of ArtworxTO Tours. Explore some artwork produced under a remarkable project – the Bell Box Mural Project.  This Tour starts at the corner of Sheppard Avenue East and Lapsley Road and finishes just north of there near the Malvern Community Recreation Centre. The tour takes about 1.5 hours. We’ll take you on a loop through the neighbourhood and tell you the stories behind some of the artworks you’ll see and about the artists that created them.  

Experience this tour on Driftscape mobile app.
Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

Mural of a little kid and their mother holding a tree with the silhouette of the Toronto skyline

Untitled, Amir Akbari, 2019


East Scarborough Tour curated by artist Amir Akbari

This tour features 6 collaborative murals, led by artist Amir Akbari, funded by Street Art Toronto and in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough.  Community engagement and participation were central in these projects, exploring themes of resilience, unity, diversity, togetherness and inclusion.  Youth from the community came together to create vibrant artworks that would provide a positive message for the next generation of children and youth in East Scarborough.  Special thanks to Toronto Community Housing and G&G Electronics for providing the walls.  

Experience this tour on Driftscape mobile app.
Experience this tour on the Driftscape web app.

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