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Past Artwork


Nico Taylor and Queen Kukoyi


IMAGInuity is an interactive exhibition consisting of three parts that looks at the clever, creative, and resourceful contributions of inventors who are part of the African diaspora.

The first part was an Inventor Showcase that displayed the objects of six Afrodiasporic inventors using Augmented Reality (AR) to add an interactive component. Then Visioning Sessions were held for the public to speculate on the future of these objects, focusing on how they could function, or the issues they might address 1000 years from now. 

Finally, an exhibition of the Museum of the Future 3022, featuring the revolutionized objects from the Visioning Sessions in dialogue with the inventions that inspired them, was created. See the Museum now at ArtworxTO Hub NORTH: Downsview.

Photo credit Amirah Star.

Additional Information

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ArtworxTO Hub NORTH | Downsview - PAST EXHIBITION

This hub was located at 70 Canuck Ave, North York, ON

Curator: Danilo Deluxo McCallum

Across its natural settings, this vibrant urban park will host a series of new murals, graphic art, multimedia works, photo-based pieces, virtual tours, artist talks, and an exhibition titled "ALLCITY Shine," curated by Danilo Deluxo McCallum. At the Downsview Hub you will also find exhibitions by Jane Street Speaks, North York Arts, BSAM (Black Speculative Arts Movement) and Zahra Siddiqui.