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Past Artwork

Red Embers

Rosalie Favell, Rolande Souliere, Hannah Claus, Eladia Smoke and Larissa Roque, Kristy Auger and Adrienne Greyeyes, Louise Solomon, Hillary Clermont, Janelle Wawia, Lido Pimienta, Annie Beach. Sarah Biscarra Dilley, Tash Naveau, Lindsey Lickers and the community members and staff of Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto.

Artwork image for Red Embers


Red Embers is envisioned and designed by an all-women team of designers and Indigenous artists as a work of civic beautification. It is also a sacred memorial to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Trans, Two Spirited. The monumental cedar gates are sited between the land and the water. The banners float above the pathway, offering healing through the movement of the jingle cones and red canvas swaying in the wind. The charred cedar posts represent the strength and resilience of Indigenous women, honouring a sisterhood that stands strong even after the attempts to scar and damage have been endless. The 13 gates are symbolic of the 13 Grandmother Moon teachings and lunar cycle.

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