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Past Artwork

Collective Remembrance: El Duelo

Día De Los Muertos Collective. Coordinated by Jess De Vitt, Jesus Mora, and Luis Rojas.


Created by the Día de los Muertos Collective, this community-based and participatory ofrenda, or altar, fosters a space for public mourning in the midst of a global pandemic. Bearing witness to all of the injustices that have impacted various communities, this sculpture carves spaces for collective loss and care—where feelings of celebration, grief, anger, and reflection can co-exist in remembrance. Beyond showcasing the tradition and art of the Day of the Dead, this altar weaves together the longstanding celebration hosted by the Día De Los Muertos Collective in Wychwood Barns for over 12 years, gathering community through ritual, performance, music, visual arts, vending, and food. The Día de Los Muertos Collective is a non-profit that coordinates the efforts of communities in T’karonto to create a celebration that honors the dead, delights the living, promotes artistic creation, and fosters community development through tradition.

Photos by Toni Hafkenscheid

Additional Information

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ArtworxTO Hub SOUTH | Union Station - PAST EXHIBITION

This hub was located at 65 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 2L5

Curator: Maya Wilson-Sanchez

The bustling central commuter corridor is remodeled as a creative community destination. Pass through this year to find various projects, events and activations including "I am land," a three-part exhibition series curated by Maya Wilson-Sanchez that explores the role of the artist as a chronicler.