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Past Artwork


Zahra Siddiqui

Artwork image for The FACE OF ISLAM


The FACE OF ISLAM portrait series by Artist Zahra Siddiqui captivates and illustrates the diversity within the Islamic Community in Toronto.

The FACE OF ISLAM captures 25-40 portraits that illustrate the diversity within the Islamic Community in Toronto.

The idea came from the recent violence against a Muslim family in London, Ontario. It was another reminder that the Muslim community needs to feel uplifted and loved. The Muslim community needs to feel seen and valued for their existence. It is also meant to educate the World on what the FACE OF ISLAM looks like and not what the mainstream media portrays.

We are all unique and practice our Islam in different ways. Zahra showcases the diversity and the different races within the Muslim Identity. Zahra wants to celebrate the beauty and culture by shining a light on OUR FACES and the unique ways of our representation.

Zahra hopes this series will empower those who need it and open the hearts of others, who may think otherwise. The FACE OF ISLAM is meant to challenge people’s ideas and hopefully channel energy from their hearts, to move from a place of Humanity.

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Photo credit by the artist Zahra Siddiqui

Additional Information

hub image

ArtworxTO Hub NORTH | Downsview - PAST EXHIBITION

This hub was located at 70 Canuck Ave, North York, ON

Curator: Danilo Deluxo McCallum

Across its natural settings, this vibrant urban park will host a series of new murals, graphic art, multimedia works, photo-based pieces, virtual tours, artist talks, and an exhibition titled "ALLCITY Shine," curated by Danilo Deluxo McCallum. At the Downsview Hub you will also find exhibitions by Jane Street Speaks, North York Arts, BSAM (Black Speculative Arts Movement) and Zahra Siddiqui.