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Laura Grier


When there are no words, you make them. I cannot speak my Dene language, so my uncertainty of it all was like walking in the dark trying to find a path of many paths. The word I was wanting to see was “care”, but there is no current word for “care” in Sahtú Kǝdǝ. At least, not the “care” I think of. My care and my love may look different from yours. It is my own personal heart’s mind. I chose Tse [wood] as the vessel, and Mokulito as the process, to express (and show Tse) these elemental feelings of care. Laura Grier is a Délı̨nę Dene artist and printmaker, born in Somba ké (Yellowknife), and raised in Alberta. Through the use of traditional print mediums, they instrumentalize the power of the handmade to reflect various Indigenous methodologies. They hold a BFA from NSCADU and an MFA from OCAD University. Image Credit: Courtesy of Laura Grier.

Additional Information

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ArtworxTO Pop Up Hub | Collision Gallery - PAST EXHIBITION

This exhibition was located at 18 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5E

Curator: Emma Steen

Locating Self Care in Urban Centres continues the conversation started by Black and Indigenous curators and writers on care as methods of resistance and sovereignty. Image Credit: Laura Grier.