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Lind, Jed

Artwork image for Mariner


Standing at 16 ft. tall, mariner creates a mesmeric landmark in the development and enriches the Yorkland Road streetscape. Bold and beautiful, it consists of a series of angled geometric planes built up in an open-sided structure, some flat, some perforated, forming patterns that look almost like fragile lace at the top. It reads like a geodesic abstraction and dematerializing oceanic form as it breaks away into the sky. Painted in gleaming white that shimmers in the daytime and is lit up dramatically at night, this work of art will, undoubtedly, provide the public with an exciting new experience. Mariner symbolizes a vessel that contains our emotions ranging from hope and despair, but ultimately to possibilities" Lind declares. It finds its inspiration in the folded paper dymaxion maps developed by the late American architect, Buckminster Fuller, to represent our world as one island in one ocean. At the same time, the work refers to a crucial moment in 1967-68 when the first early images of space exploration returned to earth, changing our perception of space, cartography, and the unknown, reminders of our lonely planet's splendid isolation and delicate fragility.

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