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Past Artwork

The Collapsing of a Model

Carolina Caycedo


The Collapsing of a Model is a diptych documenting two catastrophes caused by the collapses of the Hidroituango dam on the Cauca River in Colombia and the Brumadinho mining dam in Brazil, both deeply affecting humans and non-humans through displacement, forced evictions, and changing ecosystems. Partly funded by a massive loan from Export Development Canada, which is Canada’s state-owned export credit agency, the Hidroituango dam has caused a number of floods and landslides since 2018. The Brumadinho dam, used to store toxic by-products of mining operations, collapsed in January 2019 leaving hundreds dead or missing and destroying the Paraopeba River. The dam is owned by Vale, who currently operates mines in Canada. Using mapping, military technology, and aerial and satellite surveillance imagery, artist Carolina Caycedo traces flows of money at national and international scales, and the corporate and government interests that underpin damming infrastructure. Image Credit: Carolina Caycedo, The Collapsing of a Model, 2019.

Installed Exhibit Images by Toni Hafkenscheid

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ArtworxTO Hub SOUTH | Union Station - PAST EXHIBITION

This hub was located at 65 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 2L5

Curator: Maya Wilson-Sanchez

The bustling central commuter corridor is remodeled as a creative community destination. Pass through this year to find various projects, events and activations including "I am land," a three-part exhibition series curated by Maya Wilson-Sanchez that explores the role of the artist as a chronicler.