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About this Exhibit

HOME(LAND) is a multimedia exhibition series that examines how concepts of land and its different natural elements intersect and dialogue with the fluid, and shifting characteristics of identity, kinship, belonging, and home across and between races, regions, cultures and nations.

Image: Bloody Boats: Infinite Journeys 2.0 by Akshata Naik. Photo credit: Camille Rojas

Image of Claudia Arana

About the Curator

Claudia Arana

Claudia Arana is an independent curator, arts administrator, and cultural connector whose practice constructs virtual and physical artistic platforms to promote the inclusion of diverse artistic and cultural perspectives. In exploring notions of memory, racialization and global migration, she aims to bring forward socially and politically viable artistic practices through engaging curated physical and digital experiences.

Experience this Virtual Exhibition

Explore the interactive media components of the HOME(LAND) exhibition.

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