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Past Artwork

Elegy for Souls on Hold

Mirna Chacín

Artwork image for Elegy for Souls on Hold


Through the use of infrared photography, mapping projection, and augmented reality components, artist Mirna Chacín creates Elegy for Souls on Hold, a poetic memorial for those who have passed due to COVID-19. This community-based project uses different new media elements to collect personal stories and help communities in the process of loss and grieving during pandemic times. Mirna Chacín is a Venezuelan-born Canadian visual artist whose work reflects on concepts around loss and grief, uprooting, belonging, and cultural traditions through the engagement of communities from a perspective of diversity and inclusion.

Image Credit: Ready2Post.

Additional Information

hub image

ArtworxTO Hub WEST | Cloverdale Common - PAST EXHIBITION

This hub was located at 250 The East Mall, Toronto, ON M9B 3Y8

Curator: Claudia Arana

Cloverdale Mall is a west end focal point where creative communities are catalysts for neighbourhood transformation. Pass through this year for interactive installations and multimedia exhibitions including the exhibition series HOME(LAND) curated by Claudia Arana; digital arts experiences using Virtual and Augmented Reality with Arts Etobicoke; and a community engaged project online conversations by Farrah Miranda with Lakeshore Arts.